How Do I Know What Ring Size To Order?


Accurate ring sizing is really important as its not always possible to resize designs in my studio, so here are a few pointers on how to take a ring size:

  • Try to avoid sizing your finger when hot or chilly as your finger size will alter.
  • If attempting to buy a ring for someone else without their knowledge be sure to measure an existing ring from the correct hand as the fingers on a dominant hand are usually larger than those on the other hand (I am right handed and my left hand fingers are all a half-size smaller than those on the right).
  • A wide band ring may require a larger size than a narrow band in order to allow the ring to slide over the knuckles so be sure to use an appropriate width of ring sizer.
  • If you have prominent knuckles you may find that rings that are large enough to pass over the knuckle may then swing around on the finger. Do not be tempted to buy rings that are tight as this will only make your finger swell, especially when you are hot.
  • Adjustable plastic ring sizers do not provide an accurate measurement.
  • Ideally when creating a ring to commission, I would like to take my own measurement of a finger, or an existing ring but, failing that please read tips above in order to provide me with as accurate a measurement as possible.



Here is a very easy and simple way that you can do with handy tools at home. 


  1. Cut a piece of string or a thin slice of paper (no less than 10cm long)
  2. Wrap it snuggly around your ring finger 
  3. Use a pen or pencil to mark where the ends overlap
  4. Lay the string or paper slice flat and measure the length with your ruler
  5. Use the Ring Size Guide above to find the right ring size according to your measurement

Or you can always take your existing ring and use a ruler to measure the inner diameter.


How Do I Know What Chain Length To Order?


Chain lengths are, on the whole, to a few standard lengths. As I make my own necklace chains by hand myself or use lengths of purchased chain and add my own choice of catch, so I can usually provide chains to any length requested, with a few exceptions. As to what length you will require, your own width of neck and how you wish the necklace to hang will determine what length you will need. Ideally, measure your own favourite necklaces or, if buying for someone else, consider reviewing some of the information pages on the web on this topic. Given the size of bail on some pendants, it is not always feasible to change chains on certain items.


To know the standard lengths for women please see the picture below 


How Do I Take Care Of My Jewellery?

For care instructions, please use our care guide.


What Does My Base Warranty Cover?

We offer a six-month warranty on our gold plated items. meaning that we will repair the faulty item free of charge or exchange it. Please note that you must provide valid proof of purchase and that the warranty does not cover wear and tear.

If you receive a faulty item, please email photos of the item along with your order number or valid proof of purchase to we will handle the issue as soon as possible.


Do You Repair Jewellery?

In most of the cases, If wear & tear has taken its toll on your item, We offer a repair & care service.  you can book a service & pay online.  Please email us at first so we will see how we can help.


 What If The Item I Purchase From The Website Is Just Not For Me?

Of course, sometimes what you buy just isn’t as you imagined it to be. I am happy to accept returns as long as the circumstances adhere to my Returns Policy.


What If I Buy It As A Gift And They Don't Like It Or It Doesn't Fit?

The usual Returns Policy still holds for such purchases.


How Is The Work Package?

Swhisper Jewellery Packaging demonstrates elegance with a touch of dainty. It comes with a couple small plastic packaging perfect for all the jewellery. A plastic bag help prevent necklaces and bracelets from getting all tangled up. The whole experience of receiving Swhisper Jewellery as a gift, will definitely be lovely by the gorgeous box and packaging that it arrive in.


 We ship items EVERYWHERE from Budapest, Hungary!



Any Other Qusetions?


I hope I have anticipated all the questions you may have, however, if there is some other burning question you would like answered please do contact me and I will do my best to help.